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This index is presented as miniatures as opposed to thumbnails. I did this because the actual images are rather large for Web viewing, and if I made a very small thumbnail view, I would still want a "screen size view" as well, anyway. The miniature gives a better view of what the image looks like, much more so than something that's literally the size of my thumb nail. Instead of a very small size, I used a moderate size (320x240 pixels) but a very high (and therefore lossy) compression factor. Still a small, fast-loading file, but perhaps better than a very small image. Specifically, you don't need to get a closer look (via an intermediate sized file) before deciding if you want to download the real thing. Let me know what you think.

As for compression and image quality in general, I found that there is a noticable degradation of the image due to JPEG compression and digital watermarking. The degree of the problem depends on the image. In Lamp1, for example, the full-size image looks great. On Soap1, on the other hand, JPEG compression to a reasonable download size has a noticable imact on the "crystal clear" and "fragile" appearance of the bubbles. Even the digimarc alone, something ordinarily not visible, shows up. This image is particularly fragile, and ray-traced images in general are more suseptable to such things than are photographs.

Added 27-May-2000 : I've done some reading on the JPEG-2000 specification, and besides doing about 20% better compression for the same quality on natural photographs, does a much better job on other kinds of images, including things with a more graphic-art style. I'm looking forward to the availability of this, within the next year.

So, what you see is a compromise. I'm sure you don't want to wait for a 1500K download unless you really really like soap bubbles. So I've used a moderate compression as required by the nature of an online gallery. It's no worse than putting glass over an Ansel Adams print. If you really want to see the original, look here for more information

Gallary I

Updated 30-June-1998

This contains ray-tracings done with POV-Ray.

Gallary II

Updated 16-December-97

This contains photography and "Digital Print Making".

Gallary III

Updated 29-May-2000

This contains pictures with me in them.

Gallary IV

Updated 23-May-1998

This is a web-version of a "favorites" photo album I put together a number of years ago.

Gallary V

Updated 30-June-1998

This contains "interesting" POV (raytracing) images and studies, including some older works.

Gallary VI

Updated 18-February-1999

Pictures of people.

Gallary VII

Updated 14-August-2000

Current work on "location shots" with models.

If you want to model for me, see my models page.

Daniel's Gallary

Be sure to see what my 3-year-old nephew can do, too!

Work In Progress

See information and early showing of work in progress.
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