Amateur Photography and Modeling

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In Praise of the Amateur

The word amateur comes from the French amare ("to love"), from Latin amator ("lover"). Webster's describes an amateur as one who cultivates any study or art, from taste or attachment, without pursuing it professionally.

So when I describe myself as an amateur photographer, I mean it in a richer connotation: I do it because I love it. And just because I don't make a living at it doesn't mean I'm not any good at it. On the contrary, I'm pretty good.

A Good Match for Models

I work with amateur and aspiring models. It's a good fit, since we are both out to have fun at what we're doing. The girls I shoot are either trying to get started and want portfolio shots real cheap, or it's just something she always wanted to try.

Some of My Work

Some samples of my work in this area can be found on my gallary page. I also have an experimental photo album server, Green. Eventually, I will offer portfolios on this server.

Want to Try It?

Even before I made this page, I got a lot of mail from women wanting their pictures taken. So, I put together a FAQ file to answer most of the questions raised. If you are interested in posing for me, read the modeling FAQ. I also have a tips page that you should read.

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