POV Things

This is a collection of POV-related things.

Work in Progress

I'm working on a POV model inspired by Escher's Another World. Details on its own page.

POV and Gamma Correction

A tutorial, reference, and investigation into how POV 3.1 handles Gamma.


Tools I've written.

POV-related Web Resources

This is a database of links to POV-related things.

Sky Study

From June 1994, a study of how to make some nice Sky effects. This is a reverse-engineering of Mike Miller's sky from LEVEL3\FISH13\WORLD12.INC. It also includes a section "Precision Gradiants for Beginners" and a treatment in understand the "Bozo" function.

skynotes.zip—10K file

Texture Study

An interesting way to explore textures...


Tip 1:

Tip 2: Measure at the worksite

Left-Brained Modeler

My left brained modeler offers complex object modeling and reuse, without any need for a GUI.
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